Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


We went for 4 days parent training & 2 days treatment plan. Parent training was very informative, practical and with ground level understanding. By this training, we are capable of understanding the problem in our child and how to overcome it. Treatment plan was very brief, clear, understanding and things to do for resolving the problems faced by our son.

I went to CBT2 Bangalore on 12th and 13th with my child and attended the 2 days parent training, the training gave us lot of confidence. My children is suffering from autism his age 3.6. Good explanation is there. Parental training should be need whose children’s are suffering from autism and ADHD and more at CBT2 Bangalore, I got lot of knowledge from Sri Anupama madam and Nagma madam.

Great approach to treat autism. Nandini is able to come out of the problem. Now she is able to study well understand and apprehend stories concentrate well on studies, today after 2 years of therapy no one would call her autistic.

The session at CBT2 was very good. Need lot of help in reversing autism in him, I put him into a meaningful track.

2 years therapy. That's a great experience to be in CBT 2 as my son came out from autism. I may be the happiest parent thanks for helping me and my son to come out from this. It's a great therapy centre which has a kid to leave a normal life and come out from all the struggles thanks a lot for everyone and specially Anupama madam.

Complete process was explained in very nice and appropriate ways. Explanations were done with appropriate examples which are connected to our daily life routine. Course material provided was relevant. Found it useful. we are sure with support of CBT 2 child will win overcome very soon.

Very informative session could relate most of the concepts with child's behaviour. Will try our best to cooperate and help the child. Hoping my child to come out with flying colours from CBT 2.

Session was very detailed, nicely explained. Doctor gave all the time we need it to explain the topic and took all questions patiently. Examples were relevant. Course content was modified to make it relevant for our kid’s case.

Had a good session with Anupama madam very informative and useful. We have confidence, that we can help our child with what she taught.

Got a very good advice on the anxiety aspect of my son and various solutions to overcome the same. We will be continuing consultation with her for further improvement of my son’s anxiety issue.


"Autism is functionally reversible (or) improved from existing severity in majority of clients through early intervention using integrated approach."