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Exceeding Expectations, One Patient at a Time.


Anupama Maruvada is the Founder and Clinical Director of CBT 2. She is an experienced Behavior Therapist for more than 19 years offering services to children, adults and their families. Her expertise lies in Child Behavior Therapy, Early Diagnosis and Intervention.


She has Masters focusing in Child Life and Family Studies from Illinois State University, Normal, IL, USA and also completed Masters in Human development from Sri Avinashilingam Deemed University, Coimbatore, India.


"Autism is functionally reversible (or) improved from existing severity in majority of clients through early intervention using integrated approach."

Working Experience

Anupama Maruvada has worked in USA for 8 years before coming to India and founded CBT 2 in Bangalore and branched out to different cities in India and globally (U.S.A, Australia, Dubai) through online services for Consultation, Assessment and Treatment, that offers comprehensive child & adult behavior therapy services.
Autistic clients have been given treatment through parental training which proved to be very effective.


Anupama Maruvada, the Founder and Clinical Director of CBT 2 won ‘ Tamil Nadu State Council sponsorship ’ to conduct thesis & ‘ The Best Presenter ’ award for her thesis on ‘ Educational Aspirations of Young Adolescents in Urban and Rural areas ’ from Tamil Nadu State Council in Social Sciences division.

  • To improve the quality of life for individuals and their families.
  • To be the premiere resource for specialized Autism Services.
  • To give access to quality mental health care to individuals and their families.
  • To optimize human potential, increase quality of life and maximize engagement with life and values.

Unique Programs

Anupama Maruvada Besides her services in Bangalore, she also offers remote consulting and therapy sessions to clients Worldwide. She is a frequent invitee for guest lectures and workshops on parental training, Milestone Assessments, and Awareness Campaigns in various Children’s Hospitals and Schools in Bangalore, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. She has developed unique programs, to treat conditions like AUTISM, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Learning Disabilities. The three programs that are very successful in CBT 2 are -

Infant Brain Stimulation

Activity based program for children under 15 months of age.

BMSI Program

Behavior Modification & School Integration program for children under 5 years of age.

Behavior Therapy Services

For children above 5 years
of age